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Nov. 13th, 2006


(no subject)

one more thing..

In an anonymous comment reply with the following
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some dirty words
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A criticism.
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A death threat.
A love note.
Lyrics to a song.
A hint to who you are.

Oct. 28th, 2006


(no subject)

Hello new, yet very plain livejournal. In case all of you haven't noticed I've made myself a new livejournal. I lost the password to my old one, which is very weird because i'm usually on key with those kind of things. Must be because my mind has been a little wacky lately. So here I am with my new one, that all of you MUST add!

School has been back for i'd say about a month now. I thought coming back this year after finally getting over everything would be different. Exciting even, but no such luck. It is still the same drama-filled, homework up to the ears degrassi. Only now I have Calculus to worry about, and whether or not I'm going to pull through on all of my exams. Atleast I'm here with my friends for one more year. That is all that really matters.

Then, when i'm lucky enough to not be in school, or not have homework.. I get to babysit my baby brother. Not that I dont mind it really, I'm just beginning to feel like I have no life. I miss my girls nights with my best friend, trips to the mall, mani-pedis.

I could see as to why I haven't no life. I've practically isolated myself from everyone. I need to get out, have fun, maybe even find one of those parties i've been hearing about in the halls and go to one of those. All I know is I cant let myself get bottled up inside of these walls anymore.

I have to study, and you have to comment to be added because this journal is going to be friends only. Message me here --> Emperfect0Emma7 <-- If you want to catch up or hang out.

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